Intraoperative assessment has a significant improvement on adequate tumour removal

A recent and very well-built study by the Erasmus-university Medical Center by R. Smits et al. demonstrates that intraoperative assessment has a significant impact on the number of adequate tumour resections in Oral Cancer. The method described in this study, brings your pathologist into the operating room, as underlined by Professor R. J. Baatenburg de Jong: “The percentage of adequate tumour resections have increased from less than 20% to 58%”. ​

Inadequate resection margins in oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma have an adverse effect on patient outcome. The Erasmus-university Medical Center, has implemented a method for intraoperative assessment of the resection margins. This method provides immediate feedback enabling the surgeon to achieve adequate resection margins.​

In the study, a cohort of patients surgically treated for oral squamous cell carcinoma at the Erasmus-university Medical Center, Rotterdam, between 2010–2012 was studied retrospectively and compared to results of a prospectively collected cohort between 2013–2017. The frequency, type and results of intraoperative assessment of resection margins were analyzed.​

“The method described in this study, brings your pathologist into the operating room”

Prof. Dr. R. J. Baatenburg de Jong, Head of the department Otorhinolaryngology at the Erasmus-university Medical Center

The study showed a significant reduction of inadequate resection margins for specimen-driven intraoperative assessment. Also, tumor recurrence significantly decreased, and disease-specific survival improved when performing specimen-driven intraoperative assessment.​


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