Claus Schaffrath joins SurGuide B.V. as Chief Executive Officer

MD squared’s Managing Director, Claus Schaffrath, assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer in the Management Team of SurGuide, a Rotterdam based MedTech start-up which collaborates with the Erasmus-university Medical Center.

“I am very excited to join the SurGuide team in their journey to improve oncologic surgery”, said Claus. ‘Our first mission is to bring MarginGuide to market, a novel intraoperative diagnostic device, which assesses tumour resection margins and supports surgeons aiming for complete tumour removal with actionable information. In some oncologic surgeries, like the resection of the squamous cell carcinoma in oral cancer, an adequate resection is currently accomplished in less than 20% of the cases. With SurGuide’s passionate team we are confident to help driving complete tumour resections to over 50% and thereby significantly improve the current Standard of Care.”

“We are pleased that Claus Schaffrath takes on a leading role in our management team “says Lars Ottevanger, Chief Operation Officer and founder of SurGuide. “Claus initial support as regulatory and medical affairs manager for SurGuide convinced us of his experience, added value, and affinity with our business. Claus has a technical  and clinical background. He worked as medical doctor and gained extensive management experience in the Medical Device industry at Brainlab and Philips healthcare. With Claus as CEO, SurGuide believes to have completed our management team with all the necessary experience for this phase.”


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