Anand Manichand joins SurGuide B.V. as Development and Commercial lead

Anand Manichand, takes on the role of Development and Commercial lead and thereby strengthens the team of SurGuide, a Rotterdam based MedTech start-up. In his role, Anand will be responsible for the necessary documentation & marketing activities to bring MarginGuide to the European market. 

“ When you bump into an idea that you just can’t stop thinking about, that’s probably a good one to pursue and this have been my motivation to join the SurGuide team in their journey to improve oncologic surgery”, said Anand. ‘My belief is that technology is made meaningful by launching MarginGuide, a novel intraoperative diagnostic device, which assesses tumour resection margins and supports surgeons aiming for complete tumour removal with actionable information. In some oncologic surgeries, like the resection of the squamous cell carcinoma in oral cancer, an adequate resection is currently accomplished in less than 20% of the cases. With SurGuide’s passionate team we are confident to help driving complete tumour resections to over 50% and thereby significantly improve the current Standard of Care and address a clear need to improve outcome’.

“We are pleased to add Anand Manichand to our team” says Lars Ottevanger, Chief Operation Officer and founder of SurGuide. “Anand has relevant experience in both start-ups as corporates in developing and marketing of medical devices. He has a background in industrial design engineering and worked in the field of optics-based MedTech. Considering the progress that we make in the development of MarginGuide, Anand his expertise is needed to take the next steps in product finalization and CE-marking” .

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